nikon, zeiss, burris, or leupold for my light weight rig

Discussion in 'Long Range Scopes and Other Optics' started by mmiedema, May 19, 2005.

  1. mmiedema

    mmiedema Member

    Jan 6, 2005
    Maybe this question is getting beat to hell but can anyone tell me if one scope has any advantage over another? I have to get something for my sako 300 wsm and I am looking in the 3 to 10 power range. The hunting trip that I am going on in September is a trip of a lifetime for me and I want a scope that will NOT let me down. I want precise clicks, good low light and durable. Also wondering if a ballistic plex or boone and crockett reticle would be nice. My price range doesn't allow for a swaro, schmidt& bender or any of those ridiculously priced scopes. Please help with some input --- thank you
  2. 3sixbits

    3sixbits Well-Known Member

    Jan 23, 2005
    I would buy a ZEISS CONQUEST. With the Z-plex reticule. I think you would be well served by that scope.
  3. marlow 243

    marlow 243 Well-Known Member

    May 18, 2003
    They can say what what they about burris but for the money u will no way beat the ballistic plex . If you take time to practice with it marlow
  4. QuietHunter

    QuietHunter Well-Known Member

    Sep 19, 2002
    I have owned or own all those mentioned above. You simply cannot go wrong with a Leupold - especially in a lightweight rig. The differences between all the comparable models in the different brands are in ounces, but the Leupold is the lightweight performer with a history of repeatability and reliability.

    I like the optics of the Zeiss, value of the Burris, Light transmission on the Nikon for the price and the reliability of the Leupold. I know when I am guiding I prefer to see the gold ring.
  5. travelin_guy7

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    May 27, 2005
    For the trip of a lifetime, don't take a chance, get a leupold. I don't know about the pricing on a 3 to 10 scope, but I got a great deal on my 4.5x14 at Plus, leupolds warranty is fantastic.