Nikon Mon or VXII


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Jan 17, 2005
Pocahontas, AR
I have a 6X18 Leupold with the long range reticle. My brother had a scope failure just before our trip to WY., so I took my 6X18 off my 308 & installed it on his 25-06 . Well, now with hunting season over he would like to buy it. I know that I can buy a 4x16 Monarch at a very special price & have several dollars left. To those who have the Monarch or possibly both of these, how do they compare.
Monarch is hands down much better glass than any VX-II I have seen, I think they compare to the VX-III and are even better in some cases.
I had a long range target range on my farm for years and a little shop so I got to compare a lot of stuff. In a head to head between the Nikon Monarch and the leupold vari x 3 the Monarch came out ahead in every category except weight. The Monarch is light years beyond a vari x 2. No comparison there. Get the Monarch. The monarch is brilliant glass for that price range.
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