Nikko Sterling 4-16x50AO GameKing, non IR

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    Aug 15, 2011
    I bought this scope brand new for just under £70 posted and for this money was not expecting too much. This scope is fitted to my 1710 which was scopeless.

    It duly arrived through the post and looked good on the box!!!
    When i got the scope out it looked really nice and well made, a quick check over confirmed it. I mounted it to the 1710 and it really looks the business going really nicely with the Anschutz classic looks.

    The scope zeroed in well and the turrets were not bad to use, a little awkward for my sausage fingers. All the adjustment rings are smooth and positive.
    The Mil-Dot retical is 4 dots per post and athough not the finest it is not the chunkyest either and very useable and comfortable. I prefer non illuminated ret as i never seem to use it, even lamping but i would think the Mil-Dot ret lends it self well to this. The Glass is very clear and crisp but obviously not upto Japanese and European standards. The full mag delivers a good picture but not as detailed as better glass also i must tell you, no milkyness we have all come to expect from Chinese optics.

    I have already taken bunnies with it and it worked faultlessly in the field, keeping it's zero and the fast focus worked well.

    Personally i would use it on anything upto .17hmr but beyond this no even though centre fire rated i would find something better for this.

    Scopes are very personal and what is great to one is crud to another but i think anybody would be hard pushed to complain about the GameKing.
    A bargain i reconds .

    Nikko Sterling 4-16x50AO GameKing, non IR