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Feb 2, 2004
looking at a new scope im thinking of 3.5-15nxs or 5.5-22 nxs this is a hunting rig 100 to 600 yds but want to play with 1000 is 15 enough or is 22 required? thinking on the np-p2. what other scopes are worth looking at around $1000 to $1500
Tired- I left the Night Force Brochure in Las Vegas so I don’t remember what they call it, and they have not posted it on their web-site. But… there is a brand new, very cool second focal plane mil radian reticle, somewhat similar to Premiere’s 2nd Generation reticle. The difference is in the size of the Mil / Hash Marks, the “Post” arraignment (cannot remember if it has any) and the clicks are in 1/10th of a mil. It is available in the 5.5 – 22 x 56mm and the 3.5 – 15 x 50mm. Whether you click or hold over, you will probably appreciate it very much. If you like Premiere's 2nd Generation mil-dot reticle, you wll Love Night Force's new mil-dot. 15X is just fine for making shots out to and beyond 1000 yards. It is nice though to have the extra power for spotting/observing.
Nightforce just announced a 5.5-22 by 50mm that is a very nice optic. Also brought out a new mildot reticle that uses all tick-marks instead of dots and has a turret that is adjustable in mils, ten clicks to the mil.
They just get better and better. I really like the new 2.5-10 hunting scope - hope to do a hunt with it this spring.
2.5-10x? NF? NXS? Do tell!!
There is also a 1-6 or something like that, very small and for short range. Probably also for M-16 type rifles.

The 2.5-10 is unique, it does not have much of an objective bell at all. NXS all the way tho, nice turrets. Looks rugged and no doubt it. Hope to get one in time for bear season
Hey, thanks Ian!
Does it have side focus, or did they leave it off?
Illuminated reticle still?

I think I'd like the 2.5-10x on the ultra light 300 wsm I have planned. It sounds just like what I was hoping for has arrived!

Illuminated reticle and side focus I could give up I guess, it'd be hard to take if it didn't have the R2 though.

Any idea on $$?

Thanks again Ian!
Three turrets and a 30mm tube, just like any NXS. No mention of $, not sure where it will fit in but will not be cheap. They had a hunting type reticle I believe and I cannot remember a **** thing about it. Still the same illumination by pulling out the side focus turret. Super wide field of view and bright. They have a nice new catalog, might be wise to request one. Also had titanium rings, light but very $$$.
Thanks Ian. I was kind of thinking they made up a scope a bit different than the usual, cheaper average hunter type basically. Sounds like it's a bit more compact 3.5-15x50 NXS. I'll check on the new literature. Thanks again Ian.
I spoke too NF they said the 2.5x10 has a 30mm tube but a 24" objective?????

Sounds strange, I can't picture it....
Brent you might check out IOR's 2.5-10 tactical. I'm going to put one on my hunting rigs. It comes with the MP8 reticle and is illuminated. Just an idea.
John M
24" I can't picture it ether!!

Need super HIGH rings!!!J/K

Must be 42mm objective?

Sounds like a nice scope no mater what.

Sorry, I meant 24MM objective. I questioned them about it he definitely said 24 MM NOT 42MM
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