Nightforce vs Sightron SIII

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    Jun 12, 2004
    I know I know.......comparing apples to oranges! But here is what I feel is a real world question that I need an answer to.

    For the purpose of long range hunting ( whitetails ), is the Nightforce worth the extra money over the well reviewed Sightron SIII? I know about the Zero Stop on NF that I do like but for real world Long range hunting is their enough difference in performance between the two to justify the roughly $800 price difference?
    Whats important to me is glass and tracking (repeatability).

    Let me (us) know what you think before I shell out the $1500-1800 for a NF.

    Thanks everyone........
  2. jpd676

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    Oct 28, 2010
    I had the same thoughts last July. I got the SIII 6-24 with the Moa/Moa reticle. I couldn't come up with the extra money for the NF. If I had the cash I would get the NF. Being a working man, I bought the Sightron and am very impressed with the glass and the tracking. I am very happy with the scope; it is on a Savage 300 win mag and I regularly shoot out to 1000 yards. It seems to be plenty good for me and I have no complaints what so ever. I read all the reviews too but the scope is more impressive than I thought it would be. My only gripe is the turret rubs on my pack so knowing where my zero is was a must. I packed into some rugged areas and the scope is still where I zeroed it.
  3. toddc

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    Jul 18, 2005
    If you contemplate missing a grizzy till ya run outa shells and then beating said bear to death with your scope then the NF is the way to go. They are in a different class for stupid durability. That being said I was a nightforce man till about 2 yrs back when everyone else started bringing out MOA based reticles. My eyes cant see a discernible difference between the NF/vortex/sightron etc. Yes there is a diff but its so small I cant see it often. The other NF selling point is $$$$. Yes they are expensive. I have bought 10-12 over the years and MADE $$$ on every one I sold. As time passes and the $$ of NF rises the older models rise also. My old 5.5x22x56 I made $300 on ebay. Resale on NF is king but the others arent bad either. I essentially RENT scopes. When I buy I figure what resale is on ebay and then I can figure "Ok this will cost me $150 to shoot for 3 years or maybe on a NF I might make a few. Either way when you look at it like that it makes sense.