Nightforce VS Premier VS USO

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  1. SouthPawShooter

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    Apr 26, 2010
    Been doing a lot of reading to night. I am up in the air on who makes a better scope for long range hunting and shooting. They are all 3 good scope's for sure but am unable to decide which one to go with. I am planning on shooting a lot as soon as it starts to cool off here in Kansas and right now I have a Leupold VX-III
    8.5-25X40 target dot w/ turrets but am thinking I my have to upgrade at some point.
  2. BillR

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    Feb 28, 2002
    What you have is good. If your looking to upgrade you can always send your scope in and have the TM R reticule put in or even match the turret up to the ammo you are shooting by having them make a dial to match. Biggest thing I see on the higher priced scopes as far as quality goes is toughness of the tube and coatings on the glass and inside workings. On the higher priced ones there are times when the lines are pretty blurred between them.
  3. Boss Hoss

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    Nov 10, 2005
    IMHO the USO is the best choice of those 3.
  4. noneck180

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    Sep 16, 2009
    Premier has glass which is close to or as good as Swarovski Z6 with FL glass, so that is a good thing.
  5. zupatun

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    Jan 6, 2005
    Nothing wrong with any of those scopes but I think you should try to get your hands on each one, if possible, even borrow a friends rifle with said scopes and try them out...see for yourself what you like the best or not.

    You can take anyone's word for it, but to really know you have to give them a test or two...shoot with them, dial them up and down, shoot the box, use a zero stop, proprietary reticle for ranging etc...

  6. Senderofan

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    Dec 4, 2008
    I think Matt's advice is spot on......if you can find someone with these scopes. I really like my new ( used ) Premier. The turrets have a very positive click.....the zero stops are amazingly simple and easy to use......and the German glass speaks for itself. Biggest issue for me was going from m.o.a to 1/10 mil adjustments. I own Nightforce as well and have been very happy. I don't have any experience with USO but there are plenty of positive reports. Any of these scopes would serve you well.

  7. joe0121

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    Jul 29, 2010
    USO is awesome, and their customer service is great. You can also order from them directly a scope completely spec'd out how you like it. I dont like how the have the reticle controll and parallax control set up on the SN3 but thats nit picky.
  8. Mikecr

    Mikecr Well-Known Member

    Aug 10, 2003
    You didn't say which NF, but the other first focal plane scopes are another world from what you are probably used to.
    Personally, I wouldn't stop to pee on a FFP scope, or put up with much in 'tactical' departures from practical..

    I like 8-32 NXS with a CH1 crosshair.
    But a better scope overall is the 8.5-25 Leupold Mk4, M1, with Alumina flip-ups.
    Until other scopes atleast match the Mk4 -in every respect, they are surely compromising field practicality. Look at weight, aiming/adjusting precision, etc.
    Look at it all, no matter the cost, cuz you'll be counting on it all in the field.
  9. joe0121

    joe0121 Well-Known Member

    Jul 29, 2010
    FFP has it's merits, especial for stuff inside 300-500 yards. Now scope choice is rather subjective but I dont know when you had a Mk4 and NF side by side last by the NF is the hands down winner. I've own both and gladly sold the leupy to get the NF and haven't looked back. Glass is better, clicks are better, they are as tough as they get the track better etc.. I'm not the only one who thinks so..
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  10. A/C Guy

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    Nov 16, 2008
    I would rate them by quality of the glass. The glass is something that you must look through every time you shoot. Turrets, and other mechanical parts are comparable in quality, so that should weigh less in the decision making process.

    Premier is the best of the three in optical clarity, resolution and quality coatings.
    USO is second
    N.F. a distant third.

    This ranking is the general consensus of many users on several forums, not just myself.
  11. Good

    Good Well-Known Member

    Jul 15, 2009
    I think if you're looking at a 3k scope then they will all perform really close to the same as far as clicks and glass and feel. You end up buying the scope with the features you like the best. I'm not distinguished and connoisseur enough to tell the difference between IOR and USO or Mark 4 glass anyway. Take a look at Hensoldt also.

    I have said before that IMHO the rifle's scope isn't necessarily where the money should be spent unless you just have the money- I believe the binoculars/spotting and finding equipment is where the money should go first and I will probably purchase a Vortex Viper PST one of these days (23oz) as it is "good enough" in my book.

    All that said, I'm really digging that Premier Light Tactical. I am a fan of FFP simplicity and that PLT is a fairly lightweight FFP scope with great glass. Some of the cool features of the fullsize tactical didn't carry over to the LT, but that's OK. The PLT is reportedly 25.12oz.

    The USO and NF are both heavy dogs with USO at 35-36oz, NF at 31-32oz, the Vortex Razor at 35.2oz, Hensoldt is 31.74ish oz...
    5.5-22x50 & 5.5-22x56
    Vortex Optics - Razor HD 5-20x50 EBR-2 MRAD Reticle

    If I weren't an FFP fan but had a large budget, I would look heavily at March scopes. All SFP, lightweight, large magnification range, and from what I read on the internet they have great glass to boot. Lotsa choices...:D
  12. Mikecr

    Mikecr Well-Known Member

    Aug 10, 2003
    AC Guy/Good, ALWAYS put function first in a scope..
    And that WILL cost more than the gun. Don't even think you can cut a corner here without a bigger cost.
    Recognize that you don't actually carry marketing hype out in the field to shoot things. You got what you got, and that's it.

    You can stretch to include glass quality in 'function'. But that would hold very limited qualifiers(early/late shooting).
    In contrast, focal plane type is a huge functional factor. It changes everything, about everything.
    So focal plane type should be considered heavily, and not merely blown off to better glass.

    Name one scope that's actually more functional across the board than a good ole MK4, which currently run around~$1500, including Alumina flip-ups(which are very nice).
    Standard 30mm tube, 50mm objective, light weight, M1 1/4moa turrets with tons of adjustment, lit reticle if desired, non-turning eyepiece with zoom. They are tough enough, precise enough(being SFP), repeatable enough, and the glass is sufficient(which is nothing special).
    You can build serious guns under it & shoot anything, anywhere.

    The March tacticals have a lot of good lookin functional features, and everyone knows NF has made their mark with great reticles. But both fail to first match EVERY feature of the MK4 -before adding even more(Same with the hodge-podged USOs)..
    Both should fix the turning eyepiece issue and thread for Alumina flip-ups or provide their version of the same. NF also needs to shave a pound off their scopes(especially the BR model)..

    I have a few NXS scopes, and IMO they are over priced(just a bit) because they did not first match my MK4s. Although their glass is exactly the same as Leupold's(EXATCLY), an eyepice issue means I have to turn them in more for reticle focus, which significantly reduces NF's power.
    For me, the 32x NXS set at proper focus, is reduced to my 25x MK4 power at focus.
    So I gain nothing in 32x NF, except an extra pound of hype, mounted only with the highest of scope rings, less elevation adjustment, flip-ups that tangle with my stock & bolt on power changes, glass that is ho-hum as mentioned, a premium price. But then their service is excellent, and so are their reticles.

    Hmmmmm,,,, No, I probably won't be investing in anymore NF, or bother with March. I know I will never want a FFP scope(even if they were free).
    So anyway, I think there is a lot to consider beyond glass quality.
    I hope Leupold will consider my suggested MK5, with better glass, focus ring on the reticle plane, and calibrated/micrometer side focus adjustment(for ranging). They won't need more power or weight, or hype. But they will always need about 300 fewer models in their lineup!
  13. CS T

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    Jun 8, 2004
    The Nightforce has and is one of the most reliable scopes we sell. The USO’s are very solid scope and offer a lot of great features. The Premier offers a lot a great features, has been very reliable, and some of the best glass I have ever used. You are in a good situation for whatever one you get you will be very happy with.

    I hope you enjoy the videos.



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    Mike @ CST
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  14. Jon A

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    Dec 28, 2001
    Their 3-24X42 is FFP. The reticle is heavy enough you could do without the illumination and save some cash as well.