I have had a Nightforce NXS 5.5 to 22 since last year. I also have Leupold LPS, Swarovski, etc.

I think the Nightforce is slightly brighter and clearer than the Leupold and the Swarovski. The NXS has more user-friendly controls by far. And it looks neat!!

I'll probably buy a second one.
I have the 3.5-15X50mm and it is by far the clearest and most reliable scope I have. The range finding reticle is easy and accurate to use. and it lights up... too cool.
If you want windage and elevation knobs with unbeatable and reliable clicks, go with the NXS
thanks for the reply! i got a chance to see the news today about our strike back from 11 sep 01 they showed the view from a nightforce scope unbelievable!
Hello Texas

I believe the caption on the bottom of the picture of the strike said you are looking at the view through a "Nightscope" not Nightforce scope.

That was on my TV.

dc yes you are right, is that the type of sight i would see using a nightforce scope? what is it like at dusk or dawn
does anyone have a phone number for the nightforce company, since my computer doesn't want me to get the information on the net?
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