Nightforce R2 reticle


Feb 14, 2004
Winchester, KY
Good morning all! This is my 2nd post here...first was to introduce myself--I've never seen that on a forum before, and it's really nice to know who who I'm talking to!

I recently got bit by the long range bug and was smart enough to listen to some of your opinions. I ponied up the cash for a Nightforce 5.5-22. Beautiful craftsmanship (even if it's as big as a baseball bat!), more rugged than a Tonka toy, and pretty much perfect quality and only cry once, right? My problem is, I have absolutely no idea how to correctly utilize the R2 reticle! Neither the factory paperwork or the online owner's manual contain a ballistics table. I'm using this scope on a DPMS308LR, 24" barrel, exclusively with 168 gr SBHP Federal Match factory. (expensive, but haven't set up for handloads yet.) I'm temporarily living in KY hill country, so my longest available range is only about 300 yds, but I would like to be able to understand the mechanics/math for when I return to open terrain of AZ next year. If anyone could give me a general idea how this gizmo works, I would greatly appreciate it!
AAAHHHHHH!!!! Light dawns on marble rock! Thank you very much! The link you supplied was just the ticket. I seem to recall hearing about the 2 MOA ticks, but needed a little tap betwixt the peepers to let it sink in. (publik ejukashun ) All I need to do now is spend some quality time behind the trigger and practice what I've learned.
Thanks again!
Colt45, yep, it's pretty cool, eh? Wait until you actually use the system in the field.

Post again once you've had some experience with the reticle. I'd like to know your thoughts...
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