Nightforce R2 and the 300 WM


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Mar 6, 2003
I've finally gone over to the dark side(grin) and have my first Nightforce on the way. I have a 300 WM it will go on for now. After doing some searching in the archives, I've found some very helpful information on the R2 but still have a few questions. It was designed for a BC of .495-.535 and MV of 3340-3420. Is anyone using the R2 on a 300WM and have a load and bullet that works well with the R2? Thanks Cowman
The R2 retical is not a cartridge or velosity specific retical. It is for range finding. 2moa on the vertical bars and 5moa on the horizontal bars. They are designed for ranging at a certain power setting. Example; the 8-32 NXS is set to 22 power for ranging. Once you have experience with the scope and load, then you will know your hold over points. I like to click to my yardage's, but I also practice with hold over for quick situations. Bottom line is, you need to go to the range and shoot at varying distances and keep notes until you rember where it shoots. Well I hope that's clear as mud.

Brent, I'm currently shooting 180 SMK at 3100 fps... also have some 190s but haven't tried them yet. Will try a lighter weight if it will integrate better with the R2. I will be shooting from 100-1000 yards, paper for now. Thanks James
The R2 works really well with the faster ones like the Ultra Mags and such with heavy for caliber bullets. I'd take a look at the 168 Berger for starters. The 155 and 165gr bullets might work better at shooting flatter through 600 yards, and you've got quite a selection in that range ta boot. 180gr and up, you might have a problem with too low of case capacity to get the MV you'd need to keep the trajectory flat enough near 500-600 is all.
Get your self a ballistic program for your m.v and bullit B.C run it out in 25 to 50yd increments you will see a pattern from a 100yd zero to were your scope graduations and your chart corrispond together adjust your base zero for fine tuning.

It will integrate well with the 300 WM out to 600 yards, especially with the high BC lighter weight bullets.

What bullet are you looking at?
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