Nightforce power ranges???????


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Sep 25, 2002
Does anyone have an opinion about the different power ranges offered by nightforce? I am interested in hunting and benchrest applications out to 1000yds. Is there any reason I should stay away from the 12-42x NXS? I know that mirage will play a role in that much magnification, but can't it be dialed back to say somewhere in the 20X range and still focus? Or would a 5.5-22X set at the same power focus better? I hear competitors saying that they are concerned about the 12-42X with respect to mirage.

Can anyone explain this to me and give me a reason for/against any certain nightforce nxs scope. (5.5-22, 8-32, 12-42)

Thanks in advance.

I think the 5.5-22 is the best combo scope, the field of view is larger at 5.5x and 22 is fine for LR without the mirrage problems. 8-32 would be high as I'd go. Better light gathering down at 5.5x at dawn and dusk too. The R2 reticle works great for quick rangfinding at any distance too if that's a consideration as well. S1 has a very simple modified method in a thread here somewhere.
Brent, assuming I wouldn't be shooting this rifle at anything really under 200yds at the closest, would the larger power scopes still be a problem at dawn and dusk?

also, just what kind of problem is created with these high power scopes with respect to mirage? I am assuming they are blurred and the target becomes increasingly harder to focus?

Thanks again.
I shoot 1000 IBS competition with the 12 x 42 and can actually use 35 power on the average day across GRASS. Sometimes get to use the whole 42 on groundhogs where not to hot, such as mountains.

No reason to consider lesser power except for the 8 x 32 has more MOA adjustments.
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