Nightforce NXS vs pre NSX.



I have the opportunity to buy a Nightforce for a pretty good price but it is a pre NXS.Can anybody tell me if the differences are great enough to be concerned about?
Should I take the good deal or wait and save my money for the NSX?
There arent many differences between the NXS series and the regular series other than a few external items.

It is still the same quality for optics as you would assume from Night Force, with the exception of the turrets and maybe a couple of other items found on the NXS series.

Either way, old style or new, they are both high quality scopes and one would do good by getting one.
Just my two cents.

I compared the NXS 12-42X56 to the 12-42X56 benchrest scope (old version) and came up with;

Elevation 45 M.O.A.
Windage 35 M.O.A.

Elevation 40 M.O.A.
Windage 40 M.O.A.
Benchrest is .125 MOA click value and the NXS is .250 MOA click value.

The benchrest is a tad heavier 36 OZ compared to the NXS weight of 34 OZ and a tad longer at 17 inches compared to the nxs length of 16.125 inches.

Mounting length
NXS 6.94 in
BR 5.90 in

You can check out their web page here Night Force home page
I think the older models have two other differences also.

You can change between green and red color reticles, and illumination intensity is readily adjustable on the left turret, where the side focus now resides on the NXS.

Illumination on the NXS is only adjustable by taking the battery cap off and presetting it's stat, not as quick as before, but simpler being just on or off. The reticle is now just red only I believe.
Sorry Bountyhunter,
I'm getting the older Nightforce.My first top quality scope.
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