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Jan 6, 2002
Nashville, TN
I few months ago I was talking about my Nightforce 50mm not tracking quite right, and some other small concerns I had. Well, I got to put Lightforce USA customer service to the test and I must say I have come away very pleased to this point.

I haven't had time to mount the scope yet, so a track test was obviously out of the question, but it came back to me with a full 110 MOA elevation and 77.25 MOA windage.

Brian was curtious and to the point on the phone, and to my great suprise Lightforce two day shipped the scope back to me a day after they received it. (I sent it ground, 7 days to Orinfino from TN).

Receipt read "replaced adjustments". I don't know exactly what that encompassed. I imagine it means they replacement part of all of the errector cell, but they were unspecific. (Guess it could be a standard response or a brush off too
) I hope to zero it and run it through a track test Sunday if the match is still a go with the snow.

Will keep you all informed but I have to say this is one of the most pleasant customer service expierence I've had to date.

Glad to see you had good service too. I didn't think they were just treating me special when I returned mine, but rather it seemed this was just the normal way things were handled oround there. I was a little sceptical really. I wondered if they could even do anything to fix the adjustment range problem or if they even would, maybe just blow me off or something. It was fixed and returned fast, real fast.

I got the same note from a yellow sticky pad, short, sweet and to the point. I actually called to find out the details a couple days later... I had to know.

Very cool and let us know how it tracks now too...

I got the impression that they know their stuff and to them fixin my scope was about like me tieing my shoe.

I'm pretty sure they think they're impressing people by putting the fixed scope back in their customers hand in a matter of hours not weeks. Certainly impressed me!!
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