Nightforce ATACR F1, 5-25x56, H59, C577 - $2475 TYD


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Oct 4, 2008
SW Montana
Purchased new from Eurooptic a little less than two years ago. I used this on my "match rifle". Match rifle is in quotes because I shoot about 3-4 matches a year. It's in great condition from a functional standpoint. Cosmetically, it's got some obvious usage marks on the sunshade, objective and turrets. Illumination works as verified today. Objective cover was hacked in the field with a pocket knife after discovering it was making contact with the barrel.

Included is the throw lever but absent is the thread protector for the removable windage cap. Four screw, 1.00" NF Rings are included.

The screen name is what I use on Snipershide.

No trades. Price includes insurance. Please post "I'll take it" and follow with a PM. Thanks for looking.

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