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Apr 17, 2009
Holland, MI
Looking for personal experience in Gen 1 NV scopes. Gen 1 because I believe that's all that's in my price range. I've searched the web so looking for personal exp. Night time hunting here in Michigan is limited to shotgun and rim fire.....this would go on my 22 mag which shoots 1/2 MOA @ 100 from the bench.
know some people here in s.tex. that have gone the whole route, with night vison for hogs . they spent a lot of money on night vision equitment, now its all on the shelf, they use a thermal imageing devise, about the size of a small range finder . and a green or red laser light that lights up to about 200 yrds.its a lot smaller& lighter and works better and a whole lot cheaper,use the thermal to find them the laser light to shoot with it works real good.
What laser light are they using? The one I have seen was almost $300 and the performance was not that great, even at 100 yards.
Aren't thermal imaging devices a whole nother HUGE step up? I saw a few and they cost atleast $10,000 and I saw one thermal weapon sight, it was $26,000.... Where can you get better deals on them?
im not sure where their buying this stuff , but can find out i will check out where they get it and what it costs,i think the laser light they use costs about 400.00 bucks but dont know how much the thermal costs , the thermal is not a scope . its hand held and about the size of a range finder,they tell me it works great.
Gunner, if you could find out that's be great. I know the handheld things look like a camcorder, the one I've seen is $10,000. I also heard about a guy in Texas who bought a vehicle mounted thermal sensor and a screen inside the cab that could detect and identify feral pigs to 2000yards. My outfitter said the guy bought it used at a police auction for $7,000.
****, i had no idea they cost that much ,i will check with them today and get back to you.
How about a portable light with a red lens? I have used them, and they seem to work okay for me.
Primos puts one out that mounts to a scope, and is very lightweight. It retails for about $40.
I have a gen 4 atm that i use to spot hogs, then sneek into range for a close bow shot, and on a dark night with no external light i can see 200+ yds. I will tell you mounted on a rifle, it would be scarry lethal. Iwould sell for 2500.00. Thanks...Pat
I Started coyote hunting with a GEN1 ATN scope. I hunted with it for 1 year then went to the GEN2 6900 ATN, it was the best thing I ever did.
The scope is a little big, and weighs about 2 pounds but its worth it. I have it on a remington bullbarrell 597 22MAG. The combination is amazing!!!!
Thanks, Jim
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