Night Optics...Need overview from an expert

Randy in Va

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Jan 9, 2002
Richmond Va
I want somebody familiar with actual capabilities from different methods (not secondhand).

Generation 3 and 3+ amplifiers for existing scopes is my main question.

If your talking scopes, there is only one, RAPTOR. If you want binocs., I like the AN/PVS-7D.
But if you want to use existing sight, look at monoloc. If you go that route, try the AN/PVS-14.

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Thanx for the comebacks. I am aware of the capability of the $6400 Raptor. Very good.

Questions concerning the add on intensifiers as mentioned for the Nightforce:

What is the effective visible range for a Coyote sized critter.?

Do I need to stay under 7 power?
What happens with a variable scope as you go to higher powers with the same intensifier?

Coyotes at 200, 300, MORE?

I'm guessing that tube size is NOT a player?
I think I want to drive my 1.75 x 6 Nightforce first.

S1, your answer brings up another question. How do I test to see which is best for me without buying one which I won't consider without viewing.

Would you look at the B.E.Meyers site for me to compare stats with the one you like?

What was the cost for yours?

Also, what are the implications of lower power going to higher power on your NFS with the unit you mention. Is there incentive to use only the power you need and the light is reduced for higher powers.

Also is tube size a player in the game?

If you can get one.....

Cimrad by Kigre systems. It's used by many, many of the elite & for good reason. Facial recognition at distance is easily achieved, unlike many of the others that are better marketed, & less capable.

It's simple & adaptable. The top 1/2 of the front ring is replaced by one that has a horizontal slot with rails milled in - it is left in place. An adapter ring screws in the front objective to replace, or in lieu of, the sunshade.

The system itself slides in the front objective & onto the rail. A simple lever cams the whole device down onto the rail & that's it!

Total time to go from day to night is about 10 seconds. Since it reflects the image from above it doesn't need to be re-zeroed (other than a standard 3.5MOA down click to adjust for the optical height) it does NOT need a dedicated night rifle to be hooked onto. It can be switched between rifles without need for zero change too.
Hey S1, would a unit like you speak of fit on my Ruger M77 Target 25-06 with a 6.5-20 x 50mm Leupold scope? ..
I like to hunt Coyotes, and coyotes do come out in daytime lots, but most of them are out at dusk and nights, many farmers who raise animals are having problems with them...

How does the low light gathering unit fit on a scope, from the front (objective) or back (eye pice)???

$380 seems to be a desent price..

I'm looking to see them at 200-600 yards..



Could you post a pic of it mounted on the NXS?

Where does a guy get the PVS-14? Any links?

Sounds like it's right up my alley.

Is it as simple as purchasing the unit and your mount, then installing?

I'm not to sure if I follow you on how it really mounts up. Is it a quick on/off type deal? I'm very intreaged.

Does the rheostat remain the same in the NXS or does it need to be swapped out? I remember you mentioning this in the past, but I'm not sure it was related to the PVS-14 or not.
Thanks for the link, those look pretty **** nice. The camera adapters for the Leopold spotter and the NXS is way too cool as well.
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