night force scopes ?


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Dec 18, 2001
or the lepuold mark 4 i have a night force with the npr2 there are 30 moa in the cross hairs.with that you can go from 100 to 1000 with some calibers and bullets.use the moa built into the cross hairs then find tune it with clicks.what are the pro's and con's of the night force vs the lepould 140 moa is the big one ,thanks,keith
Have a bit of time on these scopes. Don't forget the MK4's have smaller objectives so some of this is apples to oranges - 40mm vs 50 & 56mm. Also MK4's are fixed power and NXS are all variables.

Here are a few points:
Optics - image sharpness, brightness, sharp to edge of field, color correction
- I would say the NXS, no doubts

Turrets - NXS has great tactile feel, sharp clicks easy to work, easy to zero.

MK4's are spongy when new, difficult to feel clicks, not snappy. Improve with use but still not "snappy" clicks like the NXS or Nikon 6.5-20. Need to take a half-hour and just twist the hell out of them to work them in, greatly improves the feel of the clicks.

Both turrets are very rugged, well sealed, NXS seems easier to crank. Both turrets are superbly accurate - return to zero, accuracy of adjustments.

MK4 available with very fine dot, duplex or Mil-dot reticles, NXS has more choices, NP-R2 is a great fine-reticle choice. NXS has best illumination system on the market, MK4 does not have illuminated reticle to date. Does have the M3 cam option, not available from NXS so far.

NXS has an optional fairly long screw-in plastic tube to cut barrel heat effects, not sure about MK4, not a catalog item, I bought a chunk of plastic tube to make one.

16X MK4 has a lot of elevation as you mentioned, more than the ten and the NXS.

Dream scope - a 3.5-15 40-44mm MK4 or NXS with smaller, fast turrets (complete range of zeros with only one revolution of the elevation turret).
Turrets how do i reset them to zero on the nightforce 8x32x56.i see the allen head screw but i took it out and the turrets will still not come off.i must be missing something,thanks,keith
Loosen the screw and just turn the turret ONLY to index it with the zero. It will not move up or down, just around in a circle to reset the zero.
is it the small allen screw in the side of the turret or the screw in the top of it ,i tried the one in the side it did not turn without a click,thanks,keith
i don't have the scope in front of me but it looks like there is no screw in the top.i checked there web page.i took the allen screw out and the turret would move but it did so with a click.the gun is in the safe is the reason i thought there was a screw in the top,the npr-2 works like a champ,thanks,keith
Hay All

the very top of the scope there is three small allen head screws just un screw them and the scope caps will move with out moving the zero on the benchrest model you can lift them off and place them on the line to put the scope on Zero do not have any of the NXS types but would bet they are the same: Coyote Slayer
you are somewhat right i have talked to them and have there CD it is a better mildot but you still have to do the math and some come ups I am looking at there PDA's they are trying to get me the cold weather info as we speak. need it to work at -40 or more and they are working on a lit model but do not have one as yet so if you need dependable range finder then i think night force is better as of this time i have never looked through one so i can not compare the optices with the other modles but i talked to Darrel about them in early spring about them he had not seen one eather when we talked about them but they do have my interest> Coyote Slayer
Mr. Buell

Some questions please.

1. Are there any plans on building the scope with more varible power other then 4X to 16X?
2. Where are the scopes manufactured and do you have US State side repair or warrenty facilities if they are made abroad?
3. Cost is $1099.00 from what I saw on your ad.
4. Any deminstrators available to try? Roy (Coyote Slayer in Alaska) and I would like to try one. I would try it at Williamsport in 1000 yd competition and give a fair and honest evaluation of it.

Thank you for any information.

Darryl Cassel

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