Nickname for your baby rifle

I'm just curious if any of you have a nickname for your rifle(s).

I'm going to call my LR rifle:
"338 Lapuaallthewaaay"
I have been working on names for my rifles. So far I have named three of them:

Desert Thunder

Mister T

A shop that goes by the name of Bear Arms in Jackson SC run by a gent named Steve Branham built my two custom rifles. A Rem 700 in 308 and a Rem mdl 7 in 6mm BR, Therefore the names of Big Bear and Little Bear seem most appropiate.
I have a stock 700 in 308, except for the addition of a used varmint special barrel in 308 and trimmed to 20" for my general deer hunting. I named it Ribcage but my son renamed it to Black Death.
I have a custom shop weatherby called the "Wonderby"

I shot this impala with Swift Aframes and didn't hit shoulder bone, only lung (yes the bonded bullets expand and form a very smooth front surface) so a prolonged gunfight followed.


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