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Dec 30, 2007
Haslett Michigan
I have been working and shooting my current/first build. It started as a rem 700 sps varmint in 308. I was very lucky to bring this gun home a discovered right from the factory with american eagle 168gr. Open Tip Match, and federal match that it was able to shoot 3/4 or better groups. I have now bought a new boyds laminate thumb hole which I have had pillar bedded and a trigger job that got me just above the two lb. mark. I am also shooting a Nkion buckmster 6-18X, that I am very happy with (seems to be very repeatable and clear). I am in the process of replacing the rings and bases for a 20 moa steel bases and rings. I was wondering what are the next best additions or gun smithing that should be done to turn this into a true tack driver. My goal is a 600 yd. hunting/target rifle. Any suggestions would be very helpful, I would like to do things in the correct order.
Just my opinion..
Assuming you reload, I think you're at a point where you should do some load developement, and see if that system actually has potential to meet your expectations.
It's not an all or nothing move(you can always change the barrel), but it sure can make a difference in your direction from this point.

And contrary to overwelming belief, you need to choose one, hunting -or- target, as these take different paths altogether. If you want all you can get from it, you have to pick. Otherwise you'll chase your tail, ****ing away resources until lost from either. Like building a racecar with intent to daily drive it to work..
Many, many humans make this mistake (including myself).
I think you will find your right where you want to be. While Long Range Target rifles and Hunting rifles are different animals with the only simularity being the action in most cases. Starting your voyage with a factory hunting rifle is where most get thier start.
In your post you mention "your 1st build", the action and barrel are still in factory configuration? If yes, make sure to have your smith Pillar bed and skim your Boyds. Also have him check and sharpen up the crown. This will put you in good shape for hunting and punching paper with the boys.
Have fun and enjoy your rifle.
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