Next Long Range project????????


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Dec 25, 2001
Central Washington.
I can't decide on what to go with,I already have a .308 baer(Still alot of load work to do with it)But I'm already thinking about the next one.I should have a McMillan A-3 Tactical ready for me any day so the stock part is covered.This rifle will be built a Rem700 action and by some slim chance maybe a Nesika.I guess I need a little input on which cartridge I should go with since I have the Baer I would like to go with a .338 of some type.
Several that come to mind are the .338 Ultra,.338 Baer heck what is working for people in the long range game with the .338's? What is a .338 Tomahawk?,Does it have a Imp shoulder? What cartridge is it based on?.

right along the lines of my next tool
Neskia action, 30" Hart barrel, A3 stock, 6-30x72 SN-2 US Optics scope. i'm going to chamber it for 338x300RUM 35*. that way i get the full length RUM case and not the shorter 338RUM case.

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