Newspaper article implicating Lake City

Same philosophy I say to folks, and I used to read liberal outlets for that reason. I stopped because the BS became infuriating.
I regularly have to debate it when family calls, spouting 'facts' and 'statistics' that they've read in the Times, WaPo, CNN, etc.
I learned long ago, you can debate or argue with someone until you're blue in the face. Doesn't matter what the truth is, they will believe what they want as long as it makes them sleep better at night.
It's not until something personal happens to them that they wake up. I have seen it too many times to think of it as a behavioral fluke.
Heck, it's tough enough reading the snowflake articles in the WSJ.
My step daughter. I helped raise her from 2 yrs old. I lost her in the Obummer Cain election cycle, to the libtard school system and her fellow brainwashed friends there. She wouldn't ask me what I thought about anything, cause she knew I wouldn't agree with the narrative, and then she would have to think for herself. Which, apparently, was to be avoided at all costs. She, later, said I was an anarchist, which I am NOT. I cannot discuss current events with her at all. She really is incapable of actual discussion. She will "shotgun" libtard talking points, not sticking to any one subject, and will not listen to facts, or logic. Everything is emotionally based. In fact, she uses the phrase " I FEEL..." in place of " I THINK..."
It's very sad.
I know a guy that is the head of IT for a fair sized company. He has been testing the enterprise edition of ChatGPT. It's probably already happening, but, that "thing" can be used for everything from summarizing a contract to writing a news article. "You have to use good guard rails" for it to generate good data. Don't be surprised if the "news" comes from AI.