SOLD/EXPIRED Newcon LRB 7x50 Rangefinder Binoculars $620 - Brand New!

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    "LRB 7x50 This advanced Laser Range Finder Binocular system provides instant distance measurements consistently and accurately. The outstanding optics allow a sharp and clear image under all conditions. LRB 7x50 shatters the price barrier. Selling retail, below $1,000 US, it has absolutely no competition in its class. SPECIFICATIONS: Magnification 7x Objective Lens, mm 50 Field of View 5° Laser Type Class 1 eye safe Measuring Range, 20-1,500 (Yards or Meters) Diopter Adjustment range ±4 Scan Mode Accuracy, m ±1 Automatic Reflective Mode (Target Quality) 'Last Target' measurement Reticule is cross or rectangular selectable Battery 9V Dimensions, 8.4x6x32. Inches Weight without battery, 2.8lbs"