newcom rangefinders??


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Sep 24, 2003
south carolina
Saw these on midways site and wonder if anyone has any knowledge or experience with them??

I use a Newcon 1500. Under most hunting situations it ranges fine up to 700 yards if holding steady. Used it this weekend on elk mornings and evenings and cattle during the day to validate.
It will range trees, rocks and larger more reflective items out to 1000. Buildings up to 1600 yards.

I do not like the size of it. I compare it to the Leica and prefer the size of the Leica models over the Newcon for size.

As the cost is anywhere from 50 to 150 more for the Leica (depending on model), the Newcon is in my opinion better than the Nikon / Bushnell, but the Leica models are really the way to go.

I purchased a 1200 from Midway last month, its not as good as a Lica! It would not range past 600 at all, tried it in all conditions, midway refunded the money.
While I have no doubts about the ability of mine to range elk at 600 yards, I would advise the Leica over the Newcon.
Go to and you can get a Leica 800 for a similar price. Otherwise, go on ebay and get a good Leica 1200 for $350.
I had a Bushnell 1K, then a Newcon 1500, and a week later a Leica 1200. By a mile, the Leica is the winner. Price per yard of ranging, the Leica wins hands down. I figure it like this, the Leica at $469 ranges 1250+ in daylight. $.38/yard. The Bushnell at $325 ranges 400 in daylight. $.81/yard. The Newcon at $250 ranges 500 in daylight. $.50/Yard.

Your Bushnell was worse than any I've seen or read about. Mine is good to 550-900 yards during the day depending on what I'm ranging, a solid 550 without trouble tho.
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