Newby with a CZ


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Feb 10, 2006
Pueblo, CO
Hello all, been lurking for quite sometime now and have been hunting and shooting all my life (though I'm only 27). Anyway, I have finally gotten the major components together for a couple of rifles that I would like to get reasonable long range capability out of, and I was hoping for some advice. First I just got a CZ-527 American in .223 rem for my birthday (I have a really nice family!) and I will have a Nikon buckmaster 6-18 sf to put on it here in a couple days. However, the CZ is not drilled and tapped for mounts, it has the reverse dovetail with recoil lug notch built in to the reciever. So my questions are 1) what are my best options for rings/mount. And Secondly my scope mounting experience has been to use a small level on the action and line the vertical crosshair parallel to a distant power-pole. Will this method be sufficient for a rifle I'd like to be accurate at 600+ yds? I appreciate any input.

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