Tony dooley

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Jun 21, 2009
Hay guys
Thought i would let all of you know a little about myself !!!! I was born in michigan In the great year of 1957 !!!!! I have been a navy man , army man , police officer , , deputy sheriff . While in the army I was my troop , squadron and division demolition trainer . I was also my troop armorer . I have been hunting and shooting long range since i was about 4 years old !! My brother got me shooting his 22 rimfire at 100 yards plus back then ! I am now a certified gun smith . I have yet to relay get started in it yet ! The first thing for my shop is going to be an F class competitive rifle ! So i will keep you guys posted on how well i do and if i made the right choices for the build !
Hope to have long and fruitful talke in the future with you gentelmen
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