Newbie interrow


Jul 11, 2018
Orange County
Hi, I am Michael and am outdoorsmen that loves All The Outdoors, I Hunt, fish, offroad, downhill mountain bike, surf and so on.

I have been shooting a 30-06 for my hunting gun for 30 years. at the range, I will go out to 615 yards and hit the bullseye each time. way out hunting I will not take a shot past 500 yards. and I am a one bullet one kill shooter. this year elk was 327 head spine shot, right where they connect.

My farthest shot on an elk and I will add kill was 487.

I am looking into long-range shooting as I am tired of not being able to take an 800 to 1000 yard shot, way my friends can, and at the range, I hold much tighter groups.

I have not bought my long-range gun yet but looking at a 300 ultra WM, if you have one hit me up I'm in the market.


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