newbe to long range hunting

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  1. michmatt

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    Jun 7, 2010
    matt michigan rifle/ bow hunter just getting into long range hunting, just order a box of berger 190 grain reloads, have problem with being to long for magazine?
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  2. winmag

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    Dec 23, 2009
    So 190gr, Im assuming its a 30cal of some kind. Is it a magazine fed firearm? or clip fed? What make and model etc. theres a ton of guys here with a ton of great info and expeience, but it would help to have a bit more info as to what were getting into here. Theres info on L/R/H and from Berger, that talks you thru adjusting seating depth for accuracy etc. Seating depth adjustment will be constricted by some models of some rifles due to mag length. Some folks go for the single shot option for longer seating depth, rather than getting new bottom metal for thier rifle, but its a matter of room in the mag or clip, $, and opinion wich is best for you.
    I have a buddy from Tennessee that loads Bergers 2-3 thou off the lands, wich is in most peoples opinion way too close, But he's getting .09inch to .2??, 3 shot groups out of his Factory 300wsm,Model-70 Win Coyote with factory bottom metal to boot. A guy cant argue with that. The only things he's done is a D.I.Y. trigger job and a D.I.Y. bedding job.
    Youve picked a reputable bullet and manufacturer for long range, but thats about all the help I can be without more info. Good Luck.

    Oh, And Im glad you found L/R/H. Hope you like it here.