New Zealand Reds

Discussion in 'Long Range Hunting & Shooting' started by 300WSMMAD, Mar 23, 2010.

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  1. 300WSMMAD

    300WSMMAD Well-Known Member

    May 19, 2008
    Hi folks,
    I thought I would share a little success we had last month.
    I say we because my wife accompanied me this trip with the hope of securing her first deer.
    Just for a little history
    Now my wife had NO shooting let alone hunting experience at all so I knew this may not be a easy task to undertake so with a little bit of encouragement and practice with my 223 at the range she quickly sorted out hold, squeeze etc.

    So on to the 708 she moved with scary results for a novice (she actually like the boom)
    With relative ease she was consistently shooting 2” groups @ 200 yrds off a bipod prone, a great start I thought, but I did know that shooting and hunting are two different beasts and with only two weekends before our trip I had to get her on the board with an animal.

    Goats, this was going to be her first experience in “hunting” I organised with a mate to go out and find some for her to shoot on his place, so after a quick sortie on four wheelers we found a mob, a short easy stalk we got her to 147 yrds a young nanny presented nicely, quartering but facing us “base of the neck” was the call, BOOM goat down! The hillside exploded with goats and she quickly found another one in the cross hair at 190 yrds “Hold on shoulder” was called, BOOM number two down, she was AMPED!!!


    Goat number one.

    The following weekend two days before we went away I organised for us to go onto another property for more goats, different this time, up close!

    We found the goats easily and lady luck was on our side with a good breeze in our faces we carefully cut the gap to 34 yrds “Neck” was whispered BOOM! Billy down!
    The mob bolted and then stopped just out of view around 70 yrds but a curious nanny turned took two steps back BOOM! Perfect neck shot!
    OH what have I done!!! I’ve created a monster!!!


    This was a massive boost for her confidence for the up coming trip which was the idea, but as a added bonus she also got a feel for why I love hunting so much !

    Off to Makapua Station. This is a gem of a place on the East Coast of the North Island
    3500 acres of working farm with an added bonus of Red Deer owned by Colin and Marg Baynes, and may I add two of the most wonderful people I know.

    After a 4.5 hr drive we arrive to a bucket of coffee and a bite to eat.
    Being the height of summer at the time we waited until around 5pm before we ventured out and it didn’t take long before we found deer, but something found us too WASPS we were both badly stung all over but a small amount of “she’ll be right” from Colin we persevered and 5 minutes later action stations!

    Up hill and 211 yrds a red spiker was feeding quartering away and getting dark quick the pressure was mounting. After a few bipod adjustments the target was found BOOM! Thump, the deer staggered then crumpled.


    Says it all aye !!

    The next morning it was my turn after a reckie around we picked up some deer up at over 1000 yrds but they seen us too and weren’t interested in sticking around, this surprised me a bit but however, we carried on and things were a bit scarce for the rest of the morning.

    It was getting up around the 28C with 95% humidity with the added bonus of wasp stings (13 up my right arm alone) I was feeling uncomfortable and after one last look into a basin I found a red Hind 588 yrds feeding on a steep face, she fed into some scrub which gave me the chance to get the Lapua set up.
    A few minutes passed and she stepped out of the scrub and the 300gr SMK was on its way to her shoulder,it hit with authority but facing downhill she bolted, 15 yrds she folded but picked herself back up, 20 yrds folded, picked herself up again then disappeared into thick bush, dead on her feet.

    After a little look we found her 60 yrds from where she was shot, small entry hole into shoulder but due to angle bullet had exited quite a way back which caused extensive internal damage, but still dead!


    Hot,stung and loving it

    The evening came around and we headed out again hoping to find one a little further out this time but unfortunately the only one we found was a red hind bang on 500 yrds which the 338 Lapua made short work of and after a 50 yrd run she crumpled.


    The next morning we departed with stings in our arses ,a boot full of venison, and memories forever.

    Regards 300WSMMAD
  2. Chas1

    Chas1 Well-Known Member

    Feb 15, 2009
    Congratulations to your wife. Sounds like the Misses has caught the fever, better watch out or she'll be teaching you a thing or two. Great story and excellent pics. Thanks for sharing.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2010
  3. liltank

    liltank Well-Known Member

    Nov 3, 2008
    Good job, sounds like you got her hooked. Just curious to what load you are using in the 7-08? Powder, primer, bullet? What stock are you sporting on your Lapua? Sorry for the questions, just curious.

  4. kiwi3006

    kiwi3006 Well-Known Member

    Aug 1, 2007
    Nice work! Your wife did really well. It is really nice to introduce someone to hunting, especially your wife.
    Pity about the wasps, we have had less wasps down here this year than in past years, must have been the useless summer we had.

  5. 300WSMMAD

    300WSMMAD Well-Known Member

    May 19, 2008
    It was great experience for her, especially how hard it can be to fill the freezer.
    The 708 is my trusty Tikka 595 for goats I shoot 120 Nosler BT with 45 grs 2208, Fed large primers, RP brass.
    Deer load 140 NAB 47gr 2209, Fed Mag primers,RP brass.
    Both these loads are pretty close to same POI goat load is 1/2" higher at 100 but both are same at 200, no windage difference, point n shoot for either. It is very handy!

    Stock on the Lapua is a Manners T2.

    Regards 300WSMMAD
  6. Scol_NZ

    Scol_NZ Member

    Oct 9, 2004
    Gidday Andrew. Nice report and great to hear your lil missus had fun too. A cunning way to ensure more leave passes! I'm heading for the Ruatoria area with three mates for a week at the end of may so hopefully will get onto some good reds. My last trip was in Feb to Longview Hut in the Ruahines. The 162gr a-max's in the 7mm rem mag did the trick on a couple of red hinds at about 170m. Plenty of sign and the deer were in great condition.

    I gave your number to a guy named Keith whom I bought a savage .308 off last week. He is looking to build a .338 Lapua Mag on a Barnard action and true flight barrel much like yours. He shoots a Barnard '07 rifle in .308 at the mo.

  7. JARHEAD1371

    JARHEAD1371 Well-Known Member

    Oct 9, 2008
    Congrats on the great hunts. My wife and I had some similar experiences this past season. I received my 1st custom rifle last summer and loves to shoot it as much as I do. Needless to say, she has plans for her own build now. It's a great situation to be in, enjoy!
  8. 4bycamper

    4bycamper Well-Known Member

    Apr 11, 2009
    Good Shooting!
    Sorry to hear about those wasps. They can be quite a distraction.

    Congratulations on getting your wife interested in the greatest sport on earth.
    This could work out well for both of you.

    HUAINAMACHERO Well-Known Member

    Oct 16, 2008
    Congrats for the success you had in your hunting trip.
    Thanks for sharing. Good luck for both of you in next trip.