New Zealand Hunting


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Jan 14, 2019
New Zealand
Scheduled to hunt with GH late July 2022. Have heard nothing good in response that NZ will be open to non residents any time soon. Do not want to rain on anyone’s parade, but NZ has been closed. Plus, have little hope it will be open any time soon. Our trip has been scheduled since 2019. Our schedule to hunt was to come during my 75th birthday. Will know more during the 2022 SCI convention in LasVegas.
BTW, with hope all will come to fruition for all that have trips scheduled. MTG
Keep your fingers crossed. Things will start to open up as our vax rates increase. We are up around 73% at the moment and once we are near 90% the promise is that we will begin to get back to a new normal. Don't expect to get in though unless you are double vaccinated.


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Jul 31, 2014
Carterton, New Zealand
No sign - YET - for a booster 3rd shot here in New Zealand.
Still getting ∆ infections in our largest city - 45 today after 8 yesterday.
No country in the world has managed to control ∆, so it'll be a while before hunting here is opened up to overseas hunter's.