New X-Bolt, 1st Elk 5x5, 1st Whitetail 5 x 6 AWESOME HUNT!!!

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    Nov 28, 2011
    Just wanted to share my good fortune !! Call it beginners luck ! Call it the hunt of a lifetime! Last week, hunting in NW Montana, my second hunting day found me slogging 2800 feet from 2000 to 4800, side hilling through 10" of fresh powder over wet grass and leaves as my guide led me to a lookout rock in the middle of NO WHERE!! Within three minutes of our arrival he pronounced a shooter bull was 440 yards (according to my new rx1000i Leupold) up angle of our position across a small crevass between our hill and his.

    I laid down on the snow covered rock with my legs dangling over 1500 feet of open air with my brand new, walnut stocked stainless Browning 270 win, X-bolt, resting on my guide's pack, and settled the duplex crosshairs of the new Leupold VX-6 2x12x42 mm scope, on "my" bull's shoulder. The hold over according to the RX1000 was 37.5 inches .... and I had drawn an imaginary horizontal line off my bull's G-3, and eased the safety off.

    45 seconds after my rifle spoke, the first animal I've shot at since 1973, (a squirrel) crumpled and rolled down the hill about 20 yards. The bullet went through his right shoulder and took both lungs.

    Helped my guide skin out my first elk, and we quartered and hung the meat for the packers to get later that day.... drove into Idaho and invested in a REALLY NICE bottle of single malt and went back to the lodge to celebrate! I was the first hunter in a group of 22 hunters to get an animal on the ground.

    The next day, sitting in a box blind at the back end of a canyon, a BIG (to me anyway) bodied whitetail (225-250 lbs live weight) with a red 5 x 6 rack, came trotting across the field after some does who had "made" me but were "behind" my blind in a thicket. Didn't have time to range him as he was in a hurry and running out of "field". I looked down at my rifle to pick it up and saw the scope was on 4 power.. twisted it up to 10, brought the rifle up, led his shoulder an inch or so, and 50 yards later he crashed hard.

    Somehow that bullet found the top of his heart. I later stepped off the shot and it was 115 paces from the base of the stand to POI.

    My rifle got named Jenny by my cabin mates from North Carolina, and hopefully this hunt will be the first of many to come by which I can put meat in my family's freezer!

    Good Hunting and shoot straight ! Oh yes, Core-Lokt 150 grain 270 Win was the cartridge I used.

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