New way to edit thread title to show **SOLD**

Discussion in 'Other Stuff For Sale' started by Len Backus, Mar 24, 2012.

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    May 2, 2001
    This is very easy to do.

    In the CLASSIFIED sub-forums, we have set it up so you can edit thread titles.

    New way to edit thread title to show **SOLD** is the thread title for this post that you are reading right now.

    If you are the starter or author of a thread in the CLASSIFIEDS sub-forum, you can now edit its title.

    The purpose is to enable you to say SOLD in a very noticable way. I suggest to place the word **SOLD** to include the asterisks at the very beginning of your own classifieds thread title.

    DO NOT change any other words in the thread title.

    Here is how you do it. Go to the starting page for the sub-forum where your thread is shown along with the other thread titles.

    That looks like this:


    Then find your own thread on the sub-forum page. In my case it's New way to edit thread title to show **SOLD**.

    Place your mouse cursor about 1/2 inch to the right of the last word, in my case: **SOLD**". In doing so be careful not to touch the thread itself or all you'll accomplish is to open the thread itself.

    Then double click and you'll see a wide box open up which includes all the words in your thread title. Go to the beginning of the thread title and add **SOLD**.

    When you are done with adding **SOLD**, just touch your mouse cursor anywhere outside the white text box and you'll notice that the white box closes up again. You are done.