NEW Ultralight BAT Vampire Action


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Sep 17, 2020
Rome, GA
It’s pressed in but they won’t give out details on how it’s done. Trade secret… ya know?
Figured it was a trade secret. BAT makes some fine actions, had one a few years ago and was really nice.
I do own a LonePeak and have had zero issues, swapped barrels on and off and hold POI very well, no early pressure issues, and is as smooth or smoother as the Bat, Defiance or Surgeon that I have owned. I'm not saying TI is the best but for my hunting rigs it would be hard for someone to talk me into any other action because of the track record I have with them. JMHO.
The price is close to the same as the LP but I would like to see this thing put through its paces for a while to see how it performs.
I do applaud BAT for their continued innovation and look forward to see how it performs.


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Apr 4, 2005
It unique. If you go to the first post I put up a picture of the bottom of the action. Those bosses are to increase the thread engagement since the action screws are threading into aluminum. Those bosses are bedding into the stock, the screw holes are relived. Its one of the harder actions to bed and not end up with a void since theres so many places you could get one.
Thanks Alex. Nice bedding job, by the way.

Mine are functional, but not as visually perfect!


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Feb 16, 2017
North Idaho
It may be they heat the aluminum, cool the steel and simply drop it in. When all cools, with proper tolerances, it is a very tight fit. Maybe?
Maybe! All I know is this… Bruce and Daryle would never turn out a sub par product. Be assured that it’s been thoroughly proven out and put through the ringer.

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