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Jul 11, 2003
Could someone on here tell me why? The turrets on rifle scopes are backwords. The top turret moves up and down right. And the side moves for wind right and left right. It would make more since that the top turret would work for wind. Right and left so you could move it to the wind. And the side turret would be for up and down. So why don't they make scopes that way.

just my 2 cents

The design of the erector tube simply requires elevation adjustment to be made in the vertical plane, and windage adjustment in the horizontal. There's really no other way to accurately move that tube around...
Do I sence the first seeds of discontent with the established order?? Perhaps/Pehaps not.

I think it goes something like this.

When you turn the elevation turret, it turns a screw which pulls/pushes the erector tube up/down.

When you turn the windage turret, it turns a screw which pulls/pushes the erector tube left/right.

The erector tube usually contains the reticle and so this is how adjustments are made.

From a design point of view, the turrets are thus in their natural position. To have them the other way around would require a much more complicated assembly.

I like your idea though.


and a picture is worth a thousand words:


That tube is the circle in the middle. Precision screws move the tube against a spring shown on the bottom and the left.


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i know im just a newbie here, but as long as your scope doesn't have a side focus, could you not just turn the scope 90 degrees to the left. this would put the up/downturret on the left side of the rifle, and the right/left turret on the top. it may not work, but it might?

Why, yes you could. You might not get much use from the BDC reticle anymore.
You'd end up with less elevation and more windage adjustment tho...

Then the top turret would still be controlling the elevation, and the side turret the windage. Observe the drawing and you will see the reticle moves in the direction a longitudinal line drawn through the turret would indicate. It doesn't matter where you rotate the turret to; the reticle will either move directly toward, or directly away from the reticle relative to the direction you are turning the knob..
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