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Feb 23, 2015
Hey everyone! Thank you for letting me be on this forum. Quick background, I grew up out in the country for most of my life in Kansas. Sadly live in the city now but as the saying goes, take the boy out of the country but can't take the country out of the man! Anyways, I grew up shooting a lot and have everything from pistols, shotguns, and rifles. Recently I have jumped into a much higher intrest in shooting and have purchased/modded a really nice ar with a good scope and a mosses erg varmint 5.56. I love precision shooting and probable shoot anywhere from 100-500 rounds per week. The two issues at hand right now I could use help with however is,

1. I have taken an intrest in beginning to reload. It would be more for precision shooting, being cost effective, and just another part of the hobby to enjoy. What should I start with for all equipment? I need it to be good quality stuff but also on a budget. I have the money just don't want to spend more than I have to. All I really care to reload now is 223. Someday though I would like to reload higher caliber and 45 pistol ammo. I don't mind spending the time if a single stage would be a better choice. Any divide would be great! Thank you.

2. I have my dads old 243 hunting rifle and he passed away so I don't want to change it much but I don't think that is the next caliber I'm after to do the job I want it to do.i need advice on a true long range precision rifle on a budget. Thinking 308 or 300 win. Want a rifle that will take that 1000 yard shot. I am mechanically inclined and if I had the proper advice I could even build one myself if I knew the right parts to get. Once again I am on a budget with this rifle.

Sorry for the really long post. This is just an avid hobby for me. Any divide helps and I appreciate everyone's time! Thank you!
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