New to this and have a question or two


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Dec 15, 2007
Blanchard, OK
Fellows I am new to this “long range” hunting concept. In my mind a long shot has always been 250 yards. The more I read, the more interesting shooting a deer or antelope out to 4 or 500 yards has become. I, at least for now, have no real desire to make longer than ¼ mile shots. Likewise I have no desire to spend a boat load of money on a gun to make those shots.

I am interested in using my Tikka T3 Lite in 270 wsm with a 4x12x50 Nikon Buckmasters scope and working on it and a load for those 4-500 yard shots. I reload and have been able to work up well below MOA loads for all my center fires, including this Tikka.

What would you guys recommend be the first 3 or 4 “fixes” to my gun in order to achieve a 500 yard gun? What bullet? Keep in mind a tight budget and I would love to do as much of the work as I can.




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Jan 20, 2004
Blackfoot, Idaho
Welcome aboard Rick.

You said: What would you guys recommend be the first 3 or 4 “fixes” to my gun in order to achieve a 500 yard gun?

My response would be: Nothing and I'm not joking!

She's a 270 WSM, sub MOA. Bullets I'd recommend would be 140s or 150s for the game you mentioned. And these would be stoked up to the maximum accurate load the rifle would shoot.

The only part of your system that would need improvement, would be whatever you need to make yourself confident w/500 yd shots.

Knowing nothing about your brand of scope, some target knobs would be in order. I don't know if anyone makes such a thing for you scope, maybe Stoney Point???

Next a decent bipod. and some micro bead polystyrene filled bags for the rear rest.

Next a book/spiral binder/whatever to keep records of every shot.

Lastly click on this link and go to the bottom (Buffalobob's post) and follow the instructions precisely. You may have to find a substitute for the two daughters;)

That's all there is to it. Really!


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Nov 18, 2004
RUN RUN FAST & DONT LOOK BACK save yourself and your wallet, just joking but this is a very addicting sport you say 4-500 yards now next year it will be 7-800 then it will be 1000 and beyond. Let me save you some money down the road, buy a very good rangefinder. And listen to the guys here there is a wealth of knowledge.
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