New to the site-Have a quest. on Sako trg/s


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Jan 16, 2002
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I hope I'm posting this right. I'm new to posting on your site but have been reading for months. As a person from Idaho who has the opportunity to shoot longrange I enjoy your thoughts and conversations.
But my questain is, any idea were to get a new bench style of stock for a Sako TRG/s. I can't find anyone listing the 995 action under the common stock makers.
Here's the story: a buddy and myself bought the 30/378 to have something truly big to work with. Well, he got the great idea of bolting on 4lbs to the front of it. He worked hard on it and I thought if it didn't affect accuracy then I'd be right behind him. The first shot was OK and he turned around with a smile. I could tell the recoil was better. Then the second shot split his stock and the point of the second bolt. All I could do is smile and say 'back to the drawing board'. So now he's looking for a new stock. Any ideas?

One more thing. Thanks your thoughts on 100yrd shooting v. 500-1000+. Most guys think that if a gun shoot great a 100 then its all OK and just read what the book says and hold a little high. But its not.

I am also looking for an aftermarket stock for a Sako TRG-S with no luck. In a previous post someone had a website fo a stock maker, so I e-mailed them today. It looks like they make stocks totally from scratch. I will let you know what they say.

David Lake said he can make one (it looks like he uses a carbon fiber/kevelar composite). I e-mailed him for the cost. Let you know more as I get more information.


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David Lake at just e-mailed me with the cost. It will be around $470 for the stock (this only includes basic construction and magnum reinforcement). He said he will double the magnum reinforcement for the very large calibers.

Hope this helps. I know it does me and my TRG-S

Wow, is that for a bench style or do you know? Putting a $475 stock on and $550 rifle???
I'm going to look at his site for any more info on the different styles he makes.

Thanks a bunch

You don't want to sell yours do you?
I probably will sell my stock, but I need to send it to him first as a pattern for the inletting. I know the money may sound like a lot, but it is impossible to find someone to build a TRG-S composite stock. From the price of a McMillan and HS (for a standard action) I think it's only $100-$150 more.


Maybe see if he will do a group discount? If the price was right I will spring for a stock too. I have beeing looking to replace mine for a few years.


I e-mailed him. I'll let you know what he says. My brother also wants one, so that is three all together. Hopefully he will do something.

Hey guys, I emailed Dave last night. Looks like he could have a months worth of work. But how/what to do about the trigger guard and mag release? Can these be taken from the old stocks and put on a new one?
Isn't one of the BIG PROBLEMS with that gun the fact that it has either a very small or NO recoil lug?? I've seen this on other posts. I own one of these in a 30-378 and have not found that it likes bullets bigger than 150 grain. AND for some reason my gun will not shoot unless I've fouled the barrel somewhat--not something you like to do with a gun that burns barrels so fast.
If the recoil lug is an issue how could it be addressed with the stock idea?? I wonder what Lazeroni does to the gun to get it to shoot?? Also--as you know the stock that comes on the gun is very slippery--especially with wool gloves--Although we all know the price was right!!

I wondered the samething myself. I think he will make the trigger guard intregel to the stock and the mag realease can be removed from the old stock (I guess) and installed on the new one. I guess I'll let Dave figure that out, since it will have to be done.


As far as the intragel recoil lug on the fiberglass stock that comes with the TRG-S, I don't see what the problem would be of having one made from kevlar/carbon fiber (actually I think it would be stronger).

Anyway we'll see what he says, hopefully he can do it.

GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!! David just e-mailed me. Here is a cut and paste of the e-mail:

"If the stocks are for the same action, yes. I give a discount where my time
is less because I only need to do one setup to cut the action recess, to
shape the core, to cut hardware, etc...
I could offer as much as 15% off the price of each, if they are different
contours, possibly 20% if they're all the same.
You'd each end up getting the stock for at least $100 less.
Please have the other guys get in contact with me, and maybe you three get
together and decide on a style for your stocks.
Or maybe I could just give you a total cost for the three rather than price
them individually. I'd need to know exacly what you want in the stock first.
Thank you,
Dave Lake"

If everyone who is interested will e-mail him and mention my name(Jim Hendrickson) and the e-mail above, we can get, as he says "at least a $100 less". Please let me know if people are really interested. I will go in on this deal (as will my brother, so all we need is one more).

What about making a single shot action out of it and using an ADL type tigger guard?
I know I could mill a mag follower that would work but....
It might be nice to have that second shot.
As far as accuracy. We have been shooting 150Moly BalTips and getting just over an inch at 100. Not what we thought either. So we are working on 180 Ser.MatchKings. .36" @100 with RL25. The loads that shoot the best are hot. I'm only getting four or five rounds out of the brass. Still the speeds weren't that great. Without checking my log book I think it was only doing about 3300ft/sec. I was hoping for more.

You try this route. If a wood laminate stock
will work for you try Bill Shehane or ElkRidge. You can send them your old stock that they can use as a pattern for the action area. Or inlet and glass bed a 2x4 with your action and send that as a pattern. I've done both and they came out nice.
Call and talk to them first. If you do the 2x4 I think it has to be at least 36" to fit in the duplicator.
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