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Yo All,
I am late to the game of making jerky with a jerky gun and ground meat but if you are also one that has been living under a culinary rock, I suggest giving it a try asap. Any jerky gun works but I noticed there are some that have a higher reliability trigger mechanism. A friend gave us a Nesco brand dehydrator that had some spices included and I only altered the recipe by adding a bit of beer and lemon juice, which is standard to add for all my jerky, even if it calls for no water. The result is the jerky I remember as a kid with excellent chewy consistency and excellent flavor throughout the meat. I never really dialed in my whole meat strip recipe but this stuff is very easy to make and make deliciously. cheers
As a kid eating jerky laced with could you remember....
I would have eaten nothing but jerky......
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I actually prefer the ground meat version especially in wildgame. The additional fat adds another level of umami, not to mention, it is normally the cut that I have the most. I like my meat rare and don't like to waste an excellent tender cut of meat on a tradional jerky.
CO guy, one of my hunting partners turned me on to those caulk meat guns and it is great. Thanks for the lemon juice tip because I like the chewy jerky better too
I'm telling you guys, learn to make biltong and droewors and you'll never do stuff like that to meat ever again.
Using ground allows the flavor to be more distributed in the mix, IMO.
I gots 5lb of elk roast thawing for grinding right now!
Same here even in the fall and spring.

My dad and I made wood frame boxes about 3 ft long and 1 ft tall covered with mosquito wire mesh, the top opens up so you can access the wires that go from one side to the other and you hang the meet on those wires. In the summer here it's done in 2 days when its above 100 degreess and takes 4 to 5 days in the winter with temperatures between 60's and 70's

Our two favorites are coarse sea salt and oregano, and coarse sea salt and black pepper paires with a nice craft beer.
Have you guys tried sun dried jerky? I know some of you live in colder places so you would need to wait for the summer but just curious

I have done it when I lived in Tucson. I rigged up a military issue mosquito net to cover my clothesline to protect from flies, birds, and other insects. The AZ sun is awesome for this process. My late sister (I think my BIL still does it, but he's more into smoking) in AK used to hang salmon with a rigged up mesh laundry bags with rolled mosquito screen. Good luck!
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