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Nov 29, 2010
Cabot, AR USA
Seems I jumped right in without a proper intro....sorry, got caught up in a few topics after lurking here for so long.

Been shooting since the age of 8, hunting for as long as I can remember.... No truely long range hunting growing up, unless you consider 55 yards in the swamps of Maine long range? Moved to Arkansas in '84(placed here by USAF and forgot about) and decided that shovelling snow in the north wasn't as much fun as watching it melt! So I stayed and married. Hunting in the south can be some long range work, but I still tend to take the bow and get the animals close enough to harvest(a five month bow season and up to five whitetail tags equals good times).

Having bought, built and shot just about anything I've ever wanted to have... And then sold most of 'em due to lack of interest(once the load development is over, time to move to something else).

I have more projects for the future, some will be long range rigs, some not(seems I've had an affair with the quieter chamberings lately?). Seems I'll be applying for one of those Form 4's soon!

Look forward to picking some brains, adding some tips, and maybe ruffling some feathers(although I tend to have strong opinions, I'll do my best not to attack anyone personally....that's just not cool no matter whom you think you might be!).... I also like to do things with my wood lathe, and the photo below is what I perfer to make on a cold day:


See ya around the forum!
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Apr 9, 2010
NW Montana
Good day and welcome. Lots of good info here and some pretty interesting conversation if I may say so.

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