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Dec 5, 2009
I see quite a few of these threads so I apologize in advance for being repetitive. Im new to the forum and long range shooting. I have been reading alot, but still do not understand a few things. Any help or suggested readings would be much appreciated. Im hooked on this stuff

#1 Action Bedding: what exactly is it and what are its benefits?

#2 MOA: has to do with elevation adjustments right?
(what scope would provide enough MOA for my 308 to be used for longrange?) not sure if that question makes sense according to MOA

these are just a few things on the long list of stuff i dont know but ready to learn

again thanks for more beginner help
When trying to choose a scope, distance is your first variable. Then you want to decide what your budget is. If you get a 20 MOA base this will allow you to get to 1000yrds with most scopes. You want to look for scopes that allow a minimum of 40 MOA of vertical elevation.

MOA means Minute Of Angle. This is a measurement that determines how high you need to adjust the elevation knob (top knob) on your scope. It should not be associated with inches when trying to determine your drop. 1 MOA is actually like 1.0457" of an inch. Your drop in inches will always be more than your more than your adjustment on your scope. This is the confusing part. 1 inch at 100=1 MOA, but 1" at 200yrds=.5 MOA. as would 1.75" at 200=.75 MOA. 10" at 1000yrds=1 MOA, but 5" at 1000yrds=.5 MOA.

Does this make sense? It is a unit of measurement to determine group size at a given distance, elevation and windage.

Thanks for the links

By long range I mean out to 500 yards. I guess thats not long range compared to most on the forum, but I would like to be able to hunt effectively out to 500.

What Rifle/Caliber do you use for hunting? I've found a lot of conflicting opinions but I'm thinking about getting Remington 700 in .308.

Any suggestions?
I use a Savage Low Profile. It started life as a .308. For 500yrds a 168 or 175 grain bullet loaded with either Varget, Reloader 17, or Reloader 15 will get you a great gun. Savage offers many other models with a lesser price tag if that is an issue. Some guys have been building off the Stevens rifles because they are cheaper than the Savage or Remington. Any of the 3 would work. I will offer a suggestion of the Howa also. I have shot all three and prefer the Savage simply for accuracy out of the box. Pillar bedding, 1:10 twist rate, and the Accu-Trigger. Awesome rifle.

I've just started experimenting with the Reloader 17 in .308. I can currently almost get to 2600 fps out of an 18" barrel with a 175grn bullet. That is pretty good considering that most 22 and 24" barrels will only get you to 2650 to 2675. Pretty exciting stuff.:D

The thing about the 700 is that it requires some work out of the box. The triggers tend to be heavy and many complain about their new adjustable trigger. For good accuracy you should also have them bedded and most guys on this sight put some type of after market trigger in. To get a good 700 you need to spend a ton of money on the tactical models, target models, and the sendro's. Remmy's are good for building off of, but if you don't have that type of budget you have to live with what you buy. The Savages have proven to be a very accurate rifle. If you get the right model you can even get the new accu-stock that they make. Can't go wrong with a Savage in my opinion.

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my choice would be remington heavy barrel first choice. tikka heavy barrel second choice. many here like savage also. the 308 is one of the most forgiving cartirides to load for in my experiece.
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