New to LRH


Mar 21, 2015
Seattle, WA
I have been a member for awhile lurking in the shadows doing a lot of reading. Figured if I wanted to ask some specific advice I hould introduce myself finally.
My name is Tom and I have been shooting since I was 6 I am 58 now (well almost).
Raised a Kansas farm boy hunting quail, pheasant, prairie chicken and whit tail was just part of life and enjoyed greatly while growing up. A couple Sunday afternoons each month were spent with dad, uncles and cousins shooting prairie dogs, crows or other critters that hindered crops or live stock. Have always shot iron sights until recently. I was taught reloading at a young age and continue to enjoy that zen time today.
I moved from Kansas to Seattle in 1979 for work (Boeing employee for 37+ years). I am married and have 3 children and 4 step children along with 6 grand kids. All of the kids enjoy shooting and 4 of them are avid shooters.
My youngest son is a marine, he has served multiple tours and is currently stationed at Camp Pendleton. He is on the USMC shooting team and a PMI (primary marksman instructor). Up until his last few trips home I have always been able to out shoot him now not so much anymore. So he is part of my motivation for being here, I need to get some more skills and knowledge.
I have fair collection of pistols and rifles. I spend most of my time shooting 9mm, 5.56 and 7.62 (cost and availability of reloading components being part of the reason) which keep .300 win mag and .338 Lapua in the safe for the most part.
I chose the 3 calibers to hone my skills for a number of reasons. 9mm mostly cause of cost. For the rifle rounds they were selected for cost but mostly because until I have learned how to read wind and can hit my mark at ranges 600 yrds + bigger calibers seem like a huge waste of barrel life and ammo.
Anyway that is the readers digest version and a little background.

tomThanks in Advance you your help and feedback