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    Feb 23, 2012
    My neighbor grazes his sheep on my property with our permission. We have coyote problem. He has lost some of his sheep to coyotes.
    My questions are:
    what time of day should I expect to see coyotes.
    Will a .22lr kill one? I would be using a 10/22 if that matters.
    I do have bigger calibers such as .270, 30-06, 30-30 etc.
    If you can provide me with some coyote hunting 101 that would be greatly appreciated or provide me with a link.
    thanks so much in advance.
    remember, I do not do any hunting so take it easy on me. I do shoot target quite often.
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    Dec 6, 2011
    First put the squirrel gun away it has it's place but dog killing isn't it. To answer your question yes it will kill them. I've seen the guys who butcher cattle shoot them in the head. However, you wouldn't use a 12lb sledge to hang a picture would you? Different tool different job.
    Early morning and late evenings right around dark will be you best chances. Take which ever rifle you're most comfortable with, if you expect close shots take the 30-30, if long shot can happen take the 270. I'm assuming they're deer rifles and your deer bullets will work just fine. If you were planning on selling hides or anything like that then, you would worry more about bullet selection. If there's a sportsmans warehouse or something similar close to you grab a couple calls and a dvd or two. Randy Anderson is my favorite, they've got a combo pack with a call or two and a dvd for around $40 I picked on up a couple months ago. Don't worry too much about learning to make howls and all that just yet. Start out with a couple closed reed distress calls, rabbit and fawn sounds will suffice. Grab a bottle of scent killer probably 20 diff companies making it now, I've been using dead down wind got a good price on a combo pack, used scent away for yrs.
    The most important thing to remember is have fun, keep your head up and keep trying. I hunted with my dad and a few friends for 3yrs before we ever called one in. Sneakiness is the key don't quickly walk through dry leaves, slam truck doors ect... When i make a stand I sit for around 30min, I'll sit for a couple min to just watch the area and let things calm down, slowly scanning with my binos. Make a series of calls softly for a minute or so, wait 5 and make another series louder, so on and so forth till about 20 min has past. The last ten or 15 I sit quietly just watching, remember to keep you eyes peeled sit as still as possible, only eyes doing most of the scanning. Some predators will come in almost immediately and just about run you over some take longer or have to cover more ground to investigate your calling. I usually hunt with a rifle and a shotgun, shotty up and ready, rifle on my bipod ready to pick up and make the shot if one hangs up. Remember movement is what will get you busted every time. Hope this helps, there is tons of info out there so read and study up as much as you can. You can get as complex as you want into wind reading and decoys and blah blah blah but, keep it simple and have fun!!! Bring a buddy or neighbor or some one with you to share in the experience and two sets of eyes are better than one.
    Good luck, happy hunting and welcome to the most addictive pursuit in the woods.
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    Feb 18, 2013
    A .22LR is a little small for Coyotes,if You use some of the CCI Stingers that have a little more powder and they are hollow-points it would be better!

    The 30-30 caliber You mentioned would be the next best one You have to use,it will reach out further and have more knock-down power especially if Your able to use the Hornady LeveRevolutiion Ammo that shots flatter and further out!

    Whens the best time to Hunt Coyotes....early in the morning,set up before sun rise in the area You know they will be in and watch for them.It would be even better if You had a Rabbit in Distress Mouth Call to blow to draw the Predators in for a shot.

    Late Evenings work very well also,again set up in Camo and hide in good cover so You won't be seen moving around to take a shot...again any type of Distress Call is good to use to get those Coyotes coming in to You,a Fawn Call will work,rabbit Calls and so on.An Electronic Caller would be nice but if it isn't in Your budget right now stick with the mouth calls and watch down-wind because the Coyotes usually circle down-wind to smell whats making the sound!

    If You have ever Deer Hunted the same tactics can work for You when Predator Hunting...I suggest trying to stay scent-free and hunt the wind..another cool trick is to use a motion decoy of some type or a simple Feather on a short string tied to a tall stick blowing in the breeze will draw the attention to the Feather and off You while calling or trying to shoot!If Your shooting long distances a good rest or shooting stick is a must for a steady shot!

    Other Great Calibers that work better for Coyotes,Foxes and Bobcats that don't do as much damage to the Fur/Hides is the following I would reccomend.Another thing is to use a light weight bullet with a ballistic tip so You have penetration but not a large exit hole to damage the pelts.

    .17 Fireball
    .17 Hornet
    .22 WMR (Magnum)
    .22 Hornet
    .204 Ruger