SOLD/EXPIRED NEW! Stocky's 9/16" V-Top Aluminum Bedding Pillars

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Apr 7, 2009
Palm Beach, FL
You've seen these around from other folks - used and installed countless numbers of the over the years. I think they are the best design out there.

This is about the biggest pillar you can get into a stock comfortably. V-Cut top, flat bottom with deep ribs to hold epoxy and give you a solid mechanical lock into the stock, they hold a lot better than the 1/2" cylindrical 'pipe' pillars. The inside diameter is open enough that your screws will be unlikely to touch them when bolting it all back together.

If your receiver has a round bottom (i.e. Rem 700, MkV), use it with the V up and cut the bottom to length. If it is a flat bottom (Wby VG, Win 70), trim off the V when cutting so it's flat at both ends. They are about 1/4" to 3/8" longer than necessary in OEM stocks or in Stocky's Laminates and the ribs are up the shank a ways so not to interfere with cutting while giving you room to do what you need to do.

The notch of the V also makes them easy to align especially in a laminate by the way, just align it perfectly with the center layer on either end of the hole you just drilled.


I finally got KSA to machine 500 of them for us at a nice savings. New lower price is just $6 apiece and we'll mail a pair for about two-bucks. (see below). Beginning next month or so they will be a factory-installed option on every Stocky's Revolution centerfire stock. (We have a lot of aluminum in the plans going forward.)

IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTE: If you are just getting the pillars (or any small part for that matter) change the shipping method at checkout to U.S. Mail. That way the pillars ship for $2.30 or so.

That means you can get a pair of bedding pillars to your door for under fifteen bucks, if I'm not mistaken that's the best deal out there for this pillar. Hey, every little bit helps these days, no?

Don't recommend US Mail for stocks (too many lost/breakage issues) but for non-breakables it's the best way to go.

(Kim said she can't believe I'm this way on pillars too. It's common knowledge I pick every stock apart 'till the cows come home but pillars? :D Oh, well ... hope you like 'em!)


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