New Sporter Weight Rifle Build: feedback requested


Sep 19, 2009
Getting a rifle built for deer, elk, etc. and anticipate needing to hike with it, hence looking for a lighter weight gun.

Here's what I am thinking so far:
Caliber: 7 mm rem mag
Action: Stiller Predator, stainless
Barrel: Shilen Stainless 24" barrel, 1:9 twist
Scope (already own): Leupold VXIII 3.5x10, 40 mm objective

Trying to decide a few remaining things and would appreciate your input.

Barrel contour: should I go #3 or #4? is there an accuracy advantage to #4? Would #3 save me a quarter pound or so?
Barrel Length: Any concerns on using 24" (vs going up to 26" barrel)?
Trigger: Rifle Basix or Timney? I'm sure both would be fine, is there a difference in quality or price?
Stock: McMillan Hunters Edge or HS Precision Sporter? Also, does anyone know the weight difference between the two stocks?

Know McMillan is supposed to be top notch, but assume the HS stock would save me some $$$.

Thanks in advance...
Sounds like you're off to a good start. I like the #4 contour over the #3. I'm not sure what the weight difference is but it probably isn't enough to sacrifice the stiffer barrel. I am in the process of rebarreling a 300 WM and chose a Broughton 4.1 contour for the extra stiffness and this is a light weight pack rifle. Tim North at Broughton said it would only be a few ounces.

The 26" barrel will give you more velocity for sure, exactly how much I'm not sure but someone else will be able to post that info more accurately than I. I couldn't decide either and will probably finish it at 25" for a compromise.

The McMillan Edge stock is a great choice. I put one on mine a while back and have no regrets. It's got the stiffness and the gun weighs in at 6-3/4 lbs. Get the Sporter profile though for the magnums.
Your build is pretty close to what I'm having built. I'm using a Borden action. I would recommend a #4 fluted barrel. It will actually be lighter than a non-fluted #3. I'm using a Timney trigger and an Edge stock.
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