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Aug 27, 2002
Hello folks,

I just bought a new Savage 10FP LE2 in .308 win.I want to buy a mildot scope for it and learn how to shoot up to 1000yds.I'm thinking of buying a sightron or bushnell scope ,i see alot of people on this forum like the bushnells but i don't see too much info on the sightrons. Does anyone have any opinions on them ? Also , roughly how much elevation adjustment do i need for 168 or 175 gr. SMK at 1000 yds?
Don't forget that the 100 yard zero will eat up a bunch from the total elevation adjustment quoted for the scope. If your 100 yard zero happens to be at 20 moa up from the bottom of the dial, you will need over 60moa to do the job. You may require a sloped base or rings that will give some elevation lattitude to get out to 1000 and not be at the very end of your "up" adjustments.
Don't know about Sightron but the only Bushnell that will easily do 1000 is the 3200 10x Tactical (about 80 moa, although they claim 100 moa) and it seems to be a fine little scope.
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