New scope and binoculars...where and why..

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    Jul 21, 2011
    Being new to long range hunting....Im just starting out as far as equiptment goes...I have a rem 700 30-06 thats now equipt with a viper 6.5-20x50...and have now shot successfully to 800 yards....but am building a savage 110 7mm rem mag.....spending money when I can to get equipt..I just bought a set of Vortex Kaibabs and another Vortex Viper from Cameraland NY ...Doug gave me a bit of personal attention and time at good pricing....when I look back on my recent purchases and dealings....this was not the norm....its refreshing to deal with someone who will give you a few minutes when youre spending hard earned money these days..I asked a vendor here via email a product question....and got an around about answer to it after a month(to the day) later....and phone calls were never answered....I have a few co wokers and my hunting partner that say they will visit Cameraland for this reason....anyway....So thanks Doug..