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Jan 2, 2003
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Just bought a Leupold LR 6.5X20 50mm. It has the side focus, a 30mm tube, and target turrets. Picked it up for $600 and could not be happier. Now for the hard part. I am mounting it on my tack driver custom Sako .308. I want to shoot at long range (500 plus yards). Once I zero this scope at 100 yards, do I set the turret to zero and get ballistic information for the remaining ranges? Then just click for those ranges. I shoot the 168 grain match (Federal) ammo exclusively.

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And if you are as sick as some of the rest of us you might laminate a card on the stock that gives the turret settings for different distances along with bullet drop in inches, MOA, and appropriate MIL-dot reticle data.

I would encourage you to use the ballistic predictions as a ballpark and to test the performance down range to be sure. I have found most programs to predict very well out to about 500 yards, but from there I really need to test the loads to determine point of impact.
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