new savage predator need advice


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Sep 11, 2012
Victoria ,Texas
Ok I got me predator hunter in a 6.5 creedmoor got a few questions how well do the savages shoot never owned one Im gonna put a vortex PST 4-16 x50mm on it any suggestions on rings and bases probably won't shoot past 500 with the gun
primary use will be yotes and whitetail thanks in advance
The 6.5 Creedmoor is a really fine caliber. Check over at for info on the Savage. is another good site. With my Savage CM I used a Criterion barrel with a 1-8 twist. I found that the 140g factory ammunition shot great. For reloads I just used H4350 with 140g Berger and Norma 130 Golden Target bullets. The 130g Norma bullet was outstanding.
warne maxima are awsome for the money. I have them on my lightwieght .338 RUM and they havent budged in 6 years.

I would reconside the 4-16 viper. If its going to be a yote gun for 500 and less, I would (and did actually) go with a 2.5-10. You will be able to hit dogs just fine at 700 yards, if you and your rifle can, using 10x. Ive only shot a handlefull of dogs, but when I have they have been close and when you get three coming in you want the best chance at a double or tripple. That means being able to get sight picture fast.

I always set up for the long shot, but they dont come as often as the normal/close range shots. I did manage to get my first double last year, and was thankfull for the lower mag.
Thanks for the advice I always bought what was on the shelf at the time but I want better this time
I want the extra magnification so as I get better I can shoot further latter on
once again thanks for the advice
there is no need for the plus moa bases even out to 1000 yards with the CM and a vortex !!!!!!!!!!

i have the M 11 LRH in 6.5 CM and 6.5x20-50 vortex and love it i went with leupold one piece base and rings for mine
Ok decided on the EGW HD picatinny base and tps rings now my question is do i get steel or aluminum base and rings and what height rings to clear a 50mm scope the scopes a vortex pst
most people would say go with Aluminum rings. That said, I went with Warne permanent attach rings. I think they are really good rings, and the low rings work great with my 6-24X50 PST. I use an EGW 20 MOA base with them on a Savage with a heavy sporter barrel.
1. Mod 10 270WSM - 1 piece steel Ferrel base $100, Burris XTR rings $50 - will shoot 0.75 MOA with several loads after a lot of load work

2. Mod 110 6.5x284 - 1 piece EGW aluminum base $30, TMS Rings $25 - will shoot 0.50 MOA with every 140gr load I have tried

I think the 6.5x284 is inherently more accurate than the WSM, but the lower cost aluminum EGW base and TMS aluminum tactical rings are doing their part at a much lower cost. The TMS rings can be found on Amazon. I feel that the aluminum rings are fine as long as you stick with the large tactical type. I like to keep them matched to an aluminum 1 piece base. They would be out of place on a classic style rifle, but look just fine on the Savage mod 10.
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