New Savage 10 Desert Tactical

Creedmoor shooter

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Oct 21, 2013
Monroe, Newhampshire
I'm liking the 22 Creedmoor at this point. I too have 243s, 260s and 6.5-284s and am very happy with the three. The three are very good to me. No need to jump into a 6-6.5 Creed at this point. The 22 Creedmoor however does intrigue me because the brass is available so no need to fireform any 22-250 ai or 22-243 ai. Just load and go.
I've been wondering about a 22 creed. What bullets are you shooting and what velocities are you running? My dad had a 7 twist 22-250 AI done that pushes 75s at 3550
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