New Ruger American in 350 Legend won't dry fire ..... unless


Aug 15, 2022
SE Michigan
My brand new Ruger American Camo Cerakote in 350 Legend takes AR type magazines, which is a good thing!
I had a few Dura Mags on hand so I won't need to get extras. SO on all my other center fire rifle, Rem 700, Savage Axis and Mossberg, I'm used to being able to just raise the bolt handle up enough to cock it, and dry fire it by pulling the trigger, safety OFF. Not on this rifle!!? I tried about 8 times and thought maybe it needs and empty magazine in the well before that will work? So, I made certain it was an empty, unloaded mag, popped it in and sure enough, I could hear it go "click". And that did work several times.
My question: Is this normal on a Ruger American rifle?


I don't want to have ANY magazine in the well when I dry fire!
It would be too easy to get them mixed up and insert a loaded mag and then "dry fire" on a live round!
Probably nothing bad would happen if I never fully cocked the bolt by bring it back and chambering a round, but I still don't like it.
Mine cocks without a magazine in the weapon. Mine is 3 to 4 years old I wanna say.
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The rifle is on it's way to RUGER customer service. I spoke with a nice CS rep this morning, explained that it would not dry fire unless a magazine was inserted. They actually found a similar model and tested it while I waited on the phone and found that my rifle was not working normally. So, she provided via email, a no cost shipping label and RMA number for a FEDEX shipper. Yes, it's a pain in the rear, but zero cost to me, "Lifetime Warranty" on RUGER firearms.

No further suggestions are needed, since I won't have it back for a few weeks.
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