New Rig Savage M 10 308/ Ammo Question


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Feb 25, 2010
Here are some pictures of my new rig. I have been able to make some progress in setting it up thanks to the users of this site who have helped me with good advise and recommendations. I am happy with the quality of the items. I have not sent any rounds down range yet but my trigger finger has been itching me so much that I had to squeeze off 60 +/- 9mm rounds today.

I do have a question regarding ammo and breaking in of my new rifle. I have not paid too much attention to breaking in a new rifle/ pistol in the past but after reading numerous posts on this site, I now realize the importance of breaking in the rifle correctly. I believe I understand the proceedure but I am not sure what to do about ammo. I will be using factory ammo until I am able to load my own. Historically, when I buy a new rifle I simply buy two or thre brands of ammo (different grains) and see how the rifle responds to them. I have found that my others rifles vary with regards to the type of ammo that works the best. For example, I have two 30-06's (both Brownings). Hornady works best in one and Remington works better in the other. With this in mind, I have purchased the following ammo...
  1. Hornady 308 WIN 150 gr SST Interlock
  2. Federal Premium 308 WIN 165 gr
  3. Remington Premier Match 308 WIN 168 gr MATCHKING BTHP
  4. Federal 308 WIN 180 gr. Soft Point
Is the proceedure that I have used in the past acceptable with my Savage 10? I want to get this right and from what I have learned in the small amount of time that I have been learning from LRH there are alot of things that I have been doing incorrectly (including some of the training that I received in the Corps). Any feedback would be much appreciated. As anxious as I am to get to the range but am reluctant to move forward becase I want to get this thing dialed in right the first time. Thanks again and Semper Fi.




flyin lizard

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Jan 27, 2008
Millbrook ,NY.
I don't think you have done anything wrong, and the only thing I would have done diff. is start handloading from the beginning. Pick well known brands of components and start playin..

Oh and THANKYOU for your service...


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