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    Jan 31, 2010
    You may have seen some posts asking about varmint rifles. Well i have made up my mind and i purchased a Remington 700 sps Varmint 243. win. I will be setting it up with a Nikon Buckmaster 4.5-14X40 and a Harris 13.5-27" bipod. I will be trying a few loads out, a 70 grain nosler BT, 75 grain hornady V-Max, 87 Grain Hornady V-Max, 95 Grain Berger, and finally the 105 Grain hornady A-Max. I am hoping i can get my hands on the 87 grain v-max and im hoping even more that it will shot nicely. This will be my primary varmint load, and hoping to reach out to around 500-600 yards and keep a decent group. The 105 grain a-max will be my main target load if i can get them to shoot. The 95 grain berger will be the load for deer for my younger brother. I have a 7mm rem mag i use for deer so i dont need this rifle for anything else but coyotes. Anyways its nothing special compared to what i have seen with your guns but im excited to get started and have some fun this year! Thanks for reading